Snow Plowing

Kleen Seal Truck Plowing Snow

Our technicians will come and plow the parking lot and driving areas
to your establishment which includes entrance and exit ways.


Shoveling and Snow Blowing

Snow Shoveling and Snow Blowing

Part of our snow clean up will be taking shovels and snow blowers to
remove snow from your walkways, entrances, dumpsters and storage areas.

Salt and Calcium / Ice Control


We are always concerned for your safety and will use salt
for your parking lot and calcium for your walkways to
remove slippery conditions making it easier for you and
customers to walk on after a snowfall.


Loader Services

Loader Moving Snow

In other heavier snow storms, it may be necessary to move large
snow piles off of your property.  We will use loaders to move the
piles of snow and relocate them to other locations on property.