Unless you are a ski resort or rent snowmobiles, snow is not always the business owner’s friend. How many hours do you spend worrying about or removing snow so that your customers or employees can park in the lot? Do you have a church that needs snow removal? Are you worried about slip and falls in your snow covered walks? Think of all the time, energy and hassle that you can save by outsourcing your snow removal for your sidewalks and parking lots. If you’ve ever considered professional snow removal, now is the time to get a free estimate.

Our staff starts quoting and preparing bids for the winter season beginning in September. Because we only provide top quality service, we take a limited amount of clients. We schedule out each winter season with the right amount of manpower, equipment and preparation to take care of all our commercial account’s needs. Don’t wait until the snow is falling to call for an estimate! By then we’ll be taking care of your neighboring businesses and you don’t want to get left out in the cold!

We will provide a custom quote for you and your needs. Get your estimate here…  kleensealsnowremoval.com/contact-us/ or give us a call today at 732-321-3699!